Osama bin Laden's replacement gains ground in Yemen

FBI Catches Jamshid Muhtorov

He was on his way from Denver to Asia to help out the Islamic Jihad Union. Prayer page at: https://atfp.org/adopt/terrorist/jamshid-muhtorov/

Abu Sayyaf leader likely obliterated by 500 pound bombs

Breaking News: http://www.denverpost.com/lacrosse/ci_19875486 Soldiers search for remains while $5 million awaits payout.

High Profile Assassination in Afghanistan

Renewed Adopt a Terrorist For Prayer

Redesigned ATFP site is up and running. To access your user profile you need to reset your password. Of course, you can still browse the site without logging in. https://www.atfp.org

Drone Strike Kill's Al-Qaeda's Second in Command

Atiyah was killed by a CIA drone strike in Pakistan in mid-August 2011. He was al-Qaeda’s overall commander in Pakistan’s tribal areas and was second in command of Al-Qaeda (behind Ayman Zawahiri) after bin-Laden was killed. Read more in the Washington Post.…Read More

Norway Shooter Added to ATFP database

I get a lot of questions relating to why ATFP only features Muslim terrorists. My usual answer is that it happens to be terrorists acting in the name of Islam who threaten Christian civilization and therefore need strategic prayer. Also, the ATFP database…Read More
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