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Hello ALL-

It is my understanding that Christine was laid to rest this past Saturday. Because she has finally been laid to rest, I felt it was time to update her Facebook "Causes" page. That being said, please, continue to invite your friends, add memories & photos to the page, and keep her memory very much alive!!!

While the majority of our position to this Cause has been resolved, we still have a few goals to accomplish!!! We will continue to monitor the Pocomoke Tattler site for updates on who has been arrested in connection with Christine's disappearance and ultimately, her demise. I would also like us to come together and send some donations for the Memorial Fund (I'll post the info on where to send). AND... To keep the good memories coming!!! PLEASE!!! To all who knew her closely, please post your fond memories and fun times you shared with her. Although Christine's story is very sad, that is not how her family would want her to be remembered. So please feel free to post pictures of her, stories you have, and anything you'd like to share. Also, please continue to invite your friends to join the page.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this page so successful.

We've certainly come a long way... LET'S KEEP GOING!

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