hello everyone

Thank you all so far that have joined so far, i'm hoping the numbers are going to carry on growing as so far we have 3,532 members in 1 week! I was going to do this a few days ago but i thought i'd wait untill we had been up and running a week to show many…Read More


THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL HATCHLINGS AND FRIENDS I JUST RECIEVED THIS FROM A FRIEND WHO HAD THIS DONE TO HER SO BE WARNED I just recieved this from a friend, it sounds like it is a "facebook" hacker, who used hatchlings to get to me. I don't know, I just know…Read More

Thank You for joining this group

Hi hatchling fans thank you so much for joining this group in aid to get us more hatchling requests to send per day, we still need a lot more members so please can you invite all your friends to the group as well. Remember the more members we have the more…Read More

thank you

Thank you, all for joining so far only been up and runniing half an hour and so far 54 members please let us continue growing this number, the more we have the more we cantry to get more requests, tell your friends post this cause to your profile and let our…Read More
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