Last chance to buy a net, stop malaria and save lives

Hey ya' cousin has three days left in the Madness against Malaria tournament. She's beat 231 other teams from around the world (not even kidding) and is in the finals. But she's losing right now, 99 nets to 287. BEFORE FRIDAY afternoon, PLEASE go to…Read More

$5 - help save lives and help my cousin win!

Hey ya'll...I know I keep bugging you to give -- but Aliza (my cousin) is in round 2 of Madness Against Malaria and needs to raise a bit more money to win and advance to the Sweet 16 (that's internationally -- and she's only 13!!). If you can spare $5, please…Read More

Save children in Africa by donating today

Just a reminder that you have a little over a month to donate to Madness Against Malaria. $10 can buy two mosquito nets, and $18 will provide four nets when you donate through my cousin's site: Thanks…Read More
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