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CPS Ruins Another Family

This is a Video I made about my oldest daughter Bethany and how her Dirty Twat of a Pediatrician called in CPS and how IL Child Services,The Center For Youth and Family Services and Judge Sanchez Of The Sangamon County Court had me and my ex Jump through…Read More

Bad Luck Befalls Us

Today The Judge ruled against me and my ex......My daughter Bethany is going to remain in foster care and be adopted...I am sickened by How Catholic Charities and Illinois Child Services has handled these proceedings and I know Our Attorneys are going to…Read More

Hello All!

Hi everyone it's been awhile, I just recently got internet back so I thought I would give you all an update on whats been going on in my life...Autumn is growing happily and healthy, she has learned so many new words,is able to speak some complete sentences…Read More

watch this video!

Jared Kinter just posted a video to your cause, end the corruption in Child Protective Services(CPS) ( Finally there is a Judge out there whom is willing to stand against CPS! This is a definite must…Read More

Rate My Caseworker

Jared Kinter just posted a link to your cause, end the corruption in Child Protective Services(CPS) ( I encourage all of you to check out this website...especially those of you whom are involved with child…Read More

About the Obama Impeachment Petition

I have noticed some of you are having issues with my petition to impeach Barack Obama as president, saying it has nothing to do with CPS. If i can correct the few of you right here he does in fact have alot to do with CPS. Barack Obama has just given CPS a…Read More
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