Noynoy Aquino has Good Grasp of Issues

Noynoy Aquino has Good Grasp of Issues By Boo Chanco (The Philippine Star) February 24 2010 Noynoy was a very pleasant surprise last Saturday during the interview session with staff and columnists of The Philippine Star. I had given him up as a policy…Read More


Watch HINDI KA NAG-IISA (NOY MTV) at Let us continue to support Noynoy Aquino by inviting all our friends to join our cause!

Be a volunteer for Noynoy!

Dear Cybervoter, I would like to invite you to participate more fully in our quest to bring Noynoy to the Presidency. You may want to volunteer as an e-warrior for Noynoy. To do so, you may register at and join the egroup in order to…Read More

Moving forward

Dear Friends, Again, thank you for casting your cyber vote for Noynoy Aquino as President! Your Cyber vote (joining the cause) is a statement of support and is one step forward in getting out of your way to actively participate in bringing about change...…Read More

Invite all your friends to join!

Fist of all, thank you for joining our cause! May I request you to invite all your friends to join as well. This is one simple way of actively contributing to the good of our Country! May God bless us all!
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