I am so pleased to announce that my brother Marc was released from the hospital last night. He is at my mom and stepdad's home resting. He still has a long road to a full recovery and he will be working towards this as an outpatient at the world renowned…Read More


Marc is scheduled for surgery on September 1st to put in his newly constructed bone flap in. He still has the bacteria infection which needs to be under control first, so we are not 100% that they will go through with the surgery yet or not but it is…Read More


Marc is feeling a little overwhelmed right now. We are asking friends and family to give him some time and hold off visiting him for just a little while. I will post an update when he is ready for visitors again. Thank you for your understanding.   Stacy…Read More


I am happy to report that my brother and I had a great visit yesterday! He was very alert, he spoke very well (when you asked him to speak up) and he had almost NO tremors. He had to do a little physical therapy while I was there. He had already done some…Read More


The surgery seems to have helped so far. Marc's tremors have been reduced and so has the seizures. We hope that he will have his drains out soon so that he can get a little more comfortable. I told him how many people have came to the site and he said "Wow,…Read More

August 4, 2009

Marc had is third surgery yesterday and he did very well. He had a lot of cerebrospinal fluid on his brain, a bacterial infection and a staff infection, which I hear is common with this type of surgery but is very dangerous. The doctors removed his bone flap…Read More

August 2, 2009

We just heard from the doctors that marc will be going back into surgery tomorrow. He has some residual swelling that the doctors need to explore. He may need to go back to the ICU until after his surgery to recover. Please pray for Marc! He needs prayer,…Read More
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