Stop the right kids from dying the wrong way

In schools today there is definetly a lot of pressure towards drinking and drugs. I have had friends....and family harmed because of alcohol. Every time i hear of an accident, whether its someone i know or not, that involves a teenager....i cringe.
Many people know that i tried making legislation to help against Drunk Driving. That attempt did not go as well as i had hoped. But, i promised to the 123rd Legislature and to myself in the room with the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee that I would continue on with this.
So I'm doing just that by starting this cause and building more as i go. I'm not asking you to agree with everything i am about....but i want you to help me with this fight and help me keep alcohol out of the hands of kids.

It may be a cause that cant be accepted....but I'm willing to try and do my best with it....and i ask that you do too.

Thank you, Tyler Stewart

1. Not only inform kids about the effects but SHOW them.

2. Create a SADD chapter in Maine (Students Against Drunk Driving)

3. Stay involved with local and state government on issues with Alchol.

4. Prevent the good from always dying young.