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Are you ready to PEAR up with us in building a Healthy Community? Now is the time to make your commitment to Local Food, Local Culture and Local Choices. The New Medford Food Co-op has secured its location at 945 S Riverside Ave and the contractor is ready…Read More

New Location Announcement!

At the Co-op annual meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) January 13th, 6 PM, at the Medford Library, we will present you with information about a new site opportunity we have been offered for lease. Your Board of Directors promised you that we would not make a final…Read More

Save the Date: Nov 22nd

Grilla Bites is again hosting an event for the Medford Food CO-OP. Family Party Sun Nov 22nd 3-6 pm At Grilla Bites, DownTown Medford Grilled Cheese, Tomatoe Soup, and Chilli Games for the kids Magician and Balloon Man $15 adults, $5 big kids, Kids 8 and…Read More

Party this Sat - you are invited!!

 On Saturday, Grilla Bites will host a party for the Medford Food CO-OP. YOU"RE INVITED at 7 pm! Board President, Jim Sims will give Co-OP Members a brief Update on the locations being considered for our new CO-OP and outline plans for the opening of the…Read More

New Business Sponsors!

 This Week we have three new business sponsors, including Grilla Bites, Papa Murphys Pizza, and Long Mountain Lamb and Livestock. If you own a business or think that you know a business that would like to become a sponsor too, please give us a call or…Read More

New Volunteers Needed

The Co-op has entered new territory. Now, to reach our goal of opening the store by January, we need to accelerate our efforts by organizing community events and raising awareness. The only way to reach our goal is to increase our visibility and get the whole…Read More
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