We won the fight!!

So many people told us that it couldnt be done! That we were stupid for trying and we would just fail! But they obviously dont realize how big our God is!!! Boone has pulled his petition! As a result we have pulled ours upon his request! Thank you all so much…Read More

Stand Strong

Boone has already started another petition. The vote they are trying to get is for April 5, 2010. This is when the schools spring break is. How convient that alot of permanent residents of Murray will be out of town while all the college kids are partying and…Read More

Thank you!!

 I want to thank all of you for standing up for this cause! Its official the petition is void due to lack of eligible signatures. Seems that Boone did not have his game plan together! But he will try again, this fight isnt over! For those of you that are…Read More


 Many things are being said on the "KIL" website. Many of these are things trying to bring light to the darkness.Things such as DUI is less in wet counties and other alcohol related instances decrease in a wet county. That doesnt seem do add up, does it? But…Read More

WOW!! :-D

330 members!! I wish that I could thank each of you personally. But Thank you so much for getting involved!!! Hopefully Ill be posting something by the end of this week to get every proactive in this movement! Have a blessed week everybody!

Slow to Anger

As I sit in the office today I find it difficult to express my thoughts. I want so much for my peers to realize that they are being used as tools. Owner of the Apple has no interest in empowering students to to achieve a thriving Murray! All he is interested…Read More

I dont have the right?!

-First of all I want to thank all of you that have joined. It means so much to me to not be alone in this stand. -I dont have a radio in my car. So my drive into MURRAY in the morning gives me alot of time to think. I was born and raised in Murray. I work two…Read More
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