Offering support to alleviate the impact of child abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, neglect) in adulthood

If you were abused in any way as a child then you are not alone and what happened to you wasn't your fault (child abuse is never the child's fault). At NAPAC we are working hard to provide all of the resources we can to empower survivors to take control of their healing. Most of us working at NAPAC were abused as children ourselves and we have learnt (and discovered) many things along the way that we hope to be able to share with you.

1. www.napac.org.uk : The National Association for People Abused in Childhood.

2. A National Freephone Support Line for adults who are Survivors of childhood abuse 0800 085 3330 - opening times on our website

3. Provide support, training, information and resources to persons and organisations supporting people who have experienced all forms of childhood abuse

4. Raising public awareness of and effectively campaigning to alleviate the continuing impact of childhood abuse in adulthood.

5. Fundraise and recruit Volunteers to help us help survivors and their supporters nationwide. To donate go to: www.justgiving.com/napac-facebook-cause