Growing slowly

This cause needs a boost of members, we are almost a thousand but we should be millions... Please invite your friends to join this cause! Have a wonderfull day and thank you! Marc

Event connected with this cause!

On june 1st it will be International Good deed day. Please join this event and help a fellow civilian, a neighbour, someone in need, on june 1st ! If you care please invite your friends as well!


I have changed the beneficiary of this cause because the former was not appropriate! The new beneficiary suits this cause like no other. Please invite some more people who believe the World can be better....Thank you and enjoy your weekend! Marc

Peace invite

2011 seems to be a year with a lot of violence, not only in countries but also between people, religions....Maybe the revolutions will make changes for the better...but if we do not embrace eachother, accept eachother, and honestly tolerate our differences…Read More

Snowball effect

Thank you all who remain to support this cause! We have to grow. Please take a minute to invite 75 of your friends and spread the word. Thank you on behalf of all the friendly people in the world! Destroy hate and embrace love!

please invite more people~! Thanks!

Lets make this cause big!


We have already 141 members and we are growing! Thanks a lot, to my friends and to the friends of my friends who also joined! Please invite all your other friends too and make us BIG. We should be able to find 10 million people who want to change the world!

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