If you are not in the right place, your right place is vacant and will be occupied by Satan or his agents

If you are not in the right place, your right place is vacant and will be occupied by Satan or his agents.

RIGHT PLACE of every Christian.
1. Complete and faithful allegiance/relationship/honesty with Jesus Christ.
2. Thorough knowledge of the Lord and His Word. Willing to be led by the Spirit.
3. Honest commitment with the Lord to serve Him.
4. Spiritual eyes open and fixed on the Lord.
5. Always covered in the blood of Jesus.
6. Engaged in the spiritual war with Satan.
7. Understanding Satan’s deceits to counter them.
8. Shunning lazy and irresponsible attitude to wards duties.
9. Preparing for His second coming.
10. Burden for lost souls and bringing them to salvation.
11. A strong “will” to be witnessing agents of the Lord.
12. Caring/loving and giving for the needy.
13. On the knees to win battles for Jesus.

1. Traditionalism. Satisfied to be legal Christians. Nominal Christians.
2. Not interested in the affairs of the Kingdom.
3. No understanding the values and need of salvation.
4. Bystanders in spiritual concerns.
5. Satisfied with methodologies of the institutional Churches.
6. Giving room to the Satan for free access.
7. More interested in worldly enterprises/absorbed in entertainments.
8. Lacking knowledge of differentiating between Godly and Satanic systems.
9. Satisfied with a so called Christian ID.
10. No urge/interest for spiritual growth.
11. Doing Gods work with worldly methods.

Small prayer for a change in life and attitude.

Lord I give myself into your hand to make me as you wish. Forgive my sins, as I seek their forgiveness. And fill me with Your Holy Spirit opening my inner eyes and making me a new creature.
From hence forth I will live in a cordial relationship with you. Amen.

1. Thought provoker.

2. Humble servant of the Lord.

3. Raising thoughts for serious thinking.