A Website has been Created for James Rogers

You can read about James, see photos of him with his family and find information on the Fundraising Benefit on Friday, October 22nd and Saturday, October 23rd. Thank you for continuing to support this cause. http://www.jamesrogersbenefit.comze.com If this…Read More

2010 James Rogers BBQ BENEFIT

2010 James Rogers BBQ BENEFIT Saturday, October 23 at 11:00am Location: Glad Tidings Church A/G 5435 Bingle Houston, 77091 This is an added Fundraising Benefit for James Rogers and his family. Please read additional information on this cause and its…Read More

Jame Rogers is now in Rehab

I started this cause for prayer and donations for James Rogers. To date 155 members have joined this cause. As God moves your heart to help in any way you are able, please continue to pray for his healing and for his beautiful family. Love and God Bless

James Rogers is now in Rehab.

155 members and counting. Continue to pray and support this cause in any way you are able. Love and Blessings

A Great Day Indeed

Some worked hard and some worked so hard I don't know how they didn't collapse, it had to the Lord. We had a great day all coming together in great Love for James and his family. It was so beatiful seeing the enthusiasm and commeraderie. Wow, I'm sure…Read More

Continue this cause. BBQ/Silent Auction for Pastor James Rogers this week!!

Please continue to forward this cause and encourage your FaceBook friends to participate. The BBQ/Silent Auction is this Saturday! We need more participating to help us meet our goal of $100,000 to helpr James and his family. Remind your friends if they are…Read More
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