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Campaign to Save Jimmy Dennis

On October 22, 1991, a young woman named Chedell Williams went to Fern Rock Station in Philadelphia to buy a transpass. She was approached by two men, one of whom demanded her earrings and shot her. These two men then raced to a getaway car, where a third accomplice sat in the driver's seat. By all accounts, the crime took place in mere seconds, and in those few seconds, Chedell tragically lost her life. She was only 17. Though three people were involved in this murder, Jimmy Dennis was the only person ever charged. He was convicted and given a death sentence for this crime in 1992, yet he has steadfastly maintained his innocence. After several months of thoroughly studying his case, collecting and reading the documents (including police interviews, the trial transcript, and appeal brief), we have concluded that the facts in this case fully support his innocence.

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