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Groundbreaking Ceremony and Sowing of First Seeds

Peace Family!!!

It is official!! Our Groundbreaking Ceremony was last Sunday and went great! We have posted pics from the event on our blog.

Also, since the historic date has passed, it is time we move closer to the next historic marker. That marker is our first harvest. Our first step in reaching it is by sowing our first set of seeds. This will be done this Saturday morning at 9 AM. If you are in the Greater Houston area, we look forward to seeing you out. If you are not in the area, we look forward to receiving your blessings through prayer and moral support. We will continue to keep you informed on our progress.

Lastly, a facebook page has been started for Divine Leaders Inc., which is the organization responsible for the operations and administration of the Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden and Food Coop Program. Please become a fan if you have not already done so. How? Just search Divine Leaders Inc., on facebook and you should be able to find us.


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