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Greater Houtston Urban Garden Festival


HOUSTON, Texas, August 21, 2010 – Divine Leaders Incorporated will host its First Annual Greater Houston Urban Garden Festival at The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden, 5309 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. The festivities are set for Saturday, August 21, 2010, from 6 PM to 12 AM. The festival will benefit the Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden (MGLG) and Food Co-Op Program and aims to raise awareness in the lower economic community about green living and healthy lifestyles.

“The garden was started to liberate our communities from local food deserts,” says MGLG Founder and Divine Leaders Incorporated COO, Cavanaugh Nweze. “A food desert is an area with little or no food needed to maintain a healthy diet but is often served by numerous fast-food restaurants. The festival will serve the community by providing healthy and local alternatives, organically grown food, and positive, uplifting entertainment from local independent artists.”

Opened in February, 2010, the MGLG and Food Co-Op Program also distributes supplemental groceries to struggling senior citizens and single-parent households who currently live below the poverty line. The family-oriented festival will also mark the beginning of The Ujamaa Marketplace, which in Kiswahili means “cooperative economics.” Local vendors will have a chance to market their products and/or services to local residents, which will also serve to “decrease the amount of wealth distributed outside of the community,” Nweze says. The festival will also include community awareness activities such as healthy lifestyle and emergency preparedness presentations to families. The presentations will include evacuation plans in cases of disasters – manmade or natural.

Admittance fee is $8, free for children ages 12 and under, and a discount to bicycle riders. All proceeds will go to benefit The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden and Co-Op Food Program. For vendor information, please contact Nykeba Griffin at (832) 788-4332 or on Twitter. For general information, please contact Cavanaugh Nweze at (832) 262-8019 or on Twitter.

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