2011 - time for action

Dear all 17 725 of you, 2011 is going to be the year when the curriculum for Music in the National Curriculum is going to be written. It is also the year where we need to make the most amount of noise regarding our concerns about the pitiful allocation of…Read More

Now is the time

Now is the time to start our email campaign in support of making (or keeping in the case of NSW) music a mandatory part of each child's education. Over the next few days, suggested letters will be uploaded here which you can use, or tailor to your own…Read More

Information regarding submissions on the Curriculum process

An e-newsletter has been released from the Independent Schools Heads of Music group in NSW containing information about how and when to respond to ACARA. It's really important to read this - it's on the facebook page as a link (you may need to open the links…Read More

Richard Gill's article in today's Herald Sun

A pdf copy of the article in today's Herald Sun has been uploaded to the site. In it, Richard Gill mounts an argument for why Music should be included as a mandatory part of the national curriculum and how teacher training needs to be improved. Please…Read More

100 members

Hi all Thanks so much for signing up. 101 members in 24 hours - shows how important this is to so many people. Please keep inviting your friends and colleagues - particularly interstate so that we can present a united front from across the country. I have…Read More


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