Looking for a new Admin (Kenya Ni Tetu Cause)

Dear all, I am looking for a new cause administrator as I intend to pass the mantle to him. I’m unable to continue due to work and other social commitments on my other group on FaceBook, which is close to my heart. Perhaps you can also join 237Pineapple…Read More

Kenya Ni Yetu

Hi Folks, Sorry for not updating the cause pages for a while now, but things have been moving so fast that time has not been on my side. Hopefully, I will get some volunteers who can assist in daily updates. Now we have a Grand Coalition cabinet, let's see…Read More

Establishing the Islamic Kingdom of God in Kenya

Dear all, I stumbled upon this article as I was researching online. Some might have taken offense at the previous announcement I posted, I would like to apologize for any misrepresentations. But we have to open our eyes and stop seeing things from a shallow…Read More

The next step

First and foremost, I would like to sympathize with all of our Kibaki supporters, after their leader betrayed them by signing the so-called Annan deal. For most of us, we voted for Kibaki to be President, and Raila to be opposition leader. Shame on you Mr.…Read More

The Cause

Dear all, Our cause is growing leaps and bounds, currently crossing the 600 member mark. This is a great achievement! We would like to inform all members that there are active discussion boards and topics, so I'm requesting you to make use of them. The wall…Read More

Koffi Annan Talks Collapse

Dear all, As we hd rightly predicted, Koffi Annan the wanker has suspended the talks. We knew that the idiot couldn't hack this thing because he is an ODM sympathiser. We kindly request him to go back to Geneva, because his wife is lonely. Now what's…Read More

Fund-Raising Efforts (Urgent!!!)

I am writing to inform all of you that fund-raising efforts have now been scaled up in view of the increasing violence against some communities in the expansive Rift Valley. (Read press posts on the cause page for more on the same). The plot was to kill an…Read More
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