To present Islam in its true light through mass media.

We are tired of Islam being exploited and misinterpreted by radicals, Islamophobes, and so called “experts.”  Too many times have we seen Islam being associated with violence, terrorism, and a way of life that is seen as barbaric, backwards, and at odds with modernity on the news and print media.

We decided to take matters into our own hands to present Islam in its true light. Love, compassion, mercy, unity, modesty, truth - these are just some of the ingredients that make our faith. 

1. Islam is beautiful 2. Terror has no faith 3. Muslims have become, in the eyes of the media and political elite, a security threat and a convenient vehicle for exploitation and political opportunism. 4. Educational systems throughout the world need to be injected with greater efforts to encourage critical thinking in children, commencing at an early age. Building bridges between different communities of young people should be a priority. 5. A mainstream understanding of Islam, for the benefit of contemporary society, especially for young Muslims in the West, needs to be articulated. 6. Islamophobia has to be de-constructed and recognized. Suspicions and false feelings of superiority need to be eradicated. There is a perception within the West that Islam is something foreign and unwelcome despite the historical presence. 7. Muslims are some of the most huggable cuddly wuddlies on the planet