Education is a vehicle for empowerment and poverty reduction.Our project at Sirinumu primary school in PNG aims to help them establish a library by calling for donations or quality children's books

We have embarked on a heart felt project to work at the most remote, grass roots level to help create libraries for schools in PNG.
One very remote community that has been part of my colorful journey in PNG is Sirinumu. This remote village is located in Central Province. Although its only about 100 km from Port Moresby, it takes around three hours to get there on partially impassible roads and a long dinghy ride across a dammed swamp area. There are as many as 36 kids in any class with one teacher and some are composite classes. The older classes have the luxury of desks and chairs but the younger classes sit on the dirt floor atop empty rice bags or wood. They have no library books to read and learn from and when asked what they would like to have most in their school the most common answer was books to practice English and a few wished for a computer!! Their school motto “Striving for success” speaks volumes about their dreams.
What we need help with is raising the funds to buy the books in Australia and to send them here. We are also hoping to find schools, organizations and individuals who can donate suitable quality books to bring here to PNG for Sirinumu.
We hope that this will just be the beginning. If it is successful, we hope that it grows as there are many similar remote schools in PNG in need of learning materials.
So if this speaks to you as a way to help at the grass roots and you would like to donate or be involved in any other way,
Please contact me,
Blessings and gratitude,
Jessica Markby

1. PNG is a breathtakingly beautiful country with a rich and diverse culture with some of the most rugged, untouched and remote terrain in the world.

2. Paradoxically, PNG experiences a very low level of development owing in part to its remoteness and corruption.

3. The vast majority of PNG’s people live rurally from subsistence farming where health services, education and infrastructure are limited

4. Despite a land that is rich in natural resources, most people live on less than $1 a day and are not engaged in paid employment.

5. PNG is home to more than 800 diverse ethnic, cultural and language groups, however the literacy rate in PNG is staggeringly low at 25%.