Bilums for Books Comes to Melbourne

I am starting a PNG bilum cooperative to sell them in Melbourne with all proceeds to go towards buying school books for our PNGian children in my Sirinumu School Books Project. These bilums in this photo posted on the cause site are hand made by PNGian women…Read More

Our Queensland Contact point has moved to PNG

Dear All Supporters of PNG Kids, Thanks for all of your messages. I have yet to reply individually to all but today is my catch up day Sundei. Its great to see that there are still so many people joining and offering books. But the main point is that we need…Read More

Thanks for the books and Australian addresses for sending books

Hi All Supporters of this PNG School Project, It has been so wonderful to see the support for this project grow and now we starting to see some books coming in slowly but surely. We now have two large boxes of great reading and educational books here in Port…Read More

We need your help

Dear Supporters of PNG's Pikininis, Its inspiring to see so many people that have joined our cause, especially fellow sisters and brothers from PNG for this small but growing project that I started about a year ago. Now that you have all seen what the…Read More


Our fundraising and book collection has begun to take some shape. It is a small start and really the project is still in its fetal stages, but I have great hope that it will grow over the coming months with increased exposure and awareness and networking. So…Read More

Details of the situation and vision

We have embarked on a heart felt project to work at the most remote, grass roots level to help create libraries for schools in PNG. One very remote community that has been part of my colorful journey in PNG is Sirinumu. This remote village is located in…Read More

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