Treasured Partner, The year 2012 is just about to end. As we look back, we thank you for all the great impact and achievement we made in the course of the year 2012. Your support in prayer, giving, sharing and promoting Restore Hope Child Program has indeed…Read More


Dear all our Supporters, God has seen us move from no where to now somewhere. We have just had three of our children graduate in Senior Four passing with very good grades. Two of them are continuing with Senior Five while one of them is branching to take…Read More

New Children Home.

Dear Partner, We are always thankful for your support in partnering with Restore Hope Child Program (RHCP) to care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda and Africa at large.The needs are overwhelming but together,little by little,we make advancement…Read More

Together We Can!

Dear Partner, I would like to share with you something that the Lord has impressed upon my heart regarding the subject of giving.As much as it is very difficult to share on this subject due to fear of what others will think of us,it is utmost truth.Jesus…Read More

The Children Need You.

Dear Partner, The poor don’t just need pity but our tangible love. Love can be seen,can be felt, is very real,and so on. Love is not just an arbitrary thing. It is seen and can be touched.We can make love a reality in the lives of the hurting when we give our…Read More

We Are Going Forward!

   Dear Beloved Friends, Thank you all for taking initiatives to see this project moving on.Infact the success of this project is due to all your commitment and support in recruiting members to the cause. Thanks be to God for some of the donations already…Read More

Thank You All.

Dear Beloved Friends, Thank you for standing with me in this noble cause.With the number of members now reaching 485,I know for sure,your prayers and active participation in the program,will soon give birth to a reality in restoring the hopeless kids.As you…Read More
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