In late 2009, Qld MPs will vote on whether same sex families should be legally recognised. Help us make this happen!

On 18 August 2009, Qld Premier Anna Bligh announced changes that would allow all Queenslanders, including same-sex couples, the ability to engage in surrogacy arrangements and for same sex parents to be legally recognised as parents on a child's birth certificate. State MPs will be voting on this before the end of the year. It's a conscience vote and it will be close - we need your help!

1. Children who have same sex parents should have the same rights as all other children in Queensland

2. Specfically, they deserve to have both parents legally recognised

3. Despite the loud voice of so-called "family" groups, the majority of Queenslanders support recognition (Galaxy poll 2008)

4. There is no credible evidence that same sex headed families are detrimental to children