Back to Wholeness and Holiness in Abbah Father YHUH/YHWH {Rom 6:22 A healed, whole and put-together life}


1Th 5:23 May the God who gives us peace make you holy in every way and keep your whole being---spirit, soul, and body---free from every fault.....

Holy Spirit friendly seminars to equip men and women to overcome all the challenges of loneliness, becoming free, whole individuals, set apart as active, effective Kingdom servants.

By the grace of God and by allowing Him to change me, I have been transformed from a broken, ineffective, confused vessel to an healed, restored, whole and effective vessel that God can use through CHRIST to help others be set free from their broken past.

I have being single for the most of my life and can associate with the challenges that single people are confronted with, including:

* Rejection
* Neglect
* Abused
* Taken for granted
* Not good enough
* Do not fit in
* Divorce
* Failed Relationships
* Loneliness
* Hurt and Pain
* Unforgiveness
* Bitterness
* Depression
* Pornography
* In and out of relationships

These seminars will affirm identity, purpose & destiny and focus on restoration, servanthood, impartation of blessing and prayer for the release of soul mates.

Individuals that are reading this right now and feel called to ASSIST in COORDINATING seminars throughout South Africa and even abroad, are requested to contact me on [email protected]

Be blessed as you allow Holy Spirit to renew your mind (Rom 12:2) and change your heart (Ez 36:26).

Pierre Eksteen
Servant and Ambassador of JESUS CHRIST

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