Let’s tell the world that the Bible is Current, Contemporary and Relevant, To prevent the Bible from being "Banned" in public places like SCHOOLS, and to honor the Author of the Bible

Daily Word of God Devotionals are Powerful, Motivating, Practical and Inspiring. Written to Turbo-charge your day and stimulate your spiritual appetite and do "Whatever it Takes" to focus on Christ. Remember, "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." (Prov 17:22a)
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1. Fact: Not enough people Read the Bible, most don't even take it with them to Church. Verses are placed on a huge screen, so we bring coffee and donuts

2. Fact: After watching the verses on the huge screen at church we spend the rest of the week not even thinking about the Bible.

3. If God didn't want Us to read His Word Each and Every Day, He would have only made it available to Pastors, not for the average Joe.

4. So, Join me and Help "Save the Bible", Maybe one day the Bible will be allowed back in Schools.

5. http://DailyWordofGod.org