Thank You!

Thank you all for showing interest in this group as we have now recieved 50 members!! Please keep spreading the word so we can get more awareness for the resuce and get more animals rehomed! :D

Dog has been re-homed! :)

 Jill the dog has beeen re-homed! Jill was left at the side of the road and resuced by the centre - after a house check Jill is now going have a home again! :D   Jaclyn Smith Cause Creator

Kitten Is going to a good home! And New cat has arrived!

The small kitten called Bootz is now going to a good home! A new cat arrived today called lucky, she is a 6 year old black female cat. she is very sweet and loving. Although she isn't quite used to dogs. Her owner has had to go into hospital and will then…Read More

New Kitten!

A new Kitten is up for re-homing. a grey and white one about 4 months old (female) called Bootz. She was found in the co-op car park in the middle of the night. From being left in the cold she has a small ear problem and a bit of conjunctivitis, but appart…Read More

Shetland ponies attacked

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