We are a non-profit Personal Outreach to abused children and children fighting cancer, as well as organizations who help these children. We also raise funds to find a cure for Brainstem Cancer.

We are a non-profit organization that is a personal outreach to abused children and children fighting cancer. So far over 300 children have been reached out too since 2005. Little Adam Turner had a bright smile and eyes full of life, but brain cancer took his life in 2005. Now his light shines in heaven and continue to help hurting children. The Founder of this foundation, Joyce Wagster, is a recording artist/speaker/author who grew up in a home with violence and a parent addicted to alcohol and substance abuse. She travels sharing her and Adam's story and brings more public awareness to the causes of abuse and childhood cancer. The ATF is A Voice For Our Kids and is also striving to raise major funds for a terminal cancer in children DIPG, Brainstem cancer where this is no survival rate. "Helping organizations and hospitals who work so diligently with these children is a blessing to us...meeting the children and making their day a little brighter and also working towards building a Fine Arts Center for these children to come too for therapy and to find their talents is very important to us. Free concerts, Magic Shows, Gift filled boxes, travel expenses for treatment, wish list baskets are just a few things we at the ATF do. We do it because we Believe EVERY CHILD Deserves Thier MIRACLE!

1. www.adamturnerfoundation.org - www.joycewagster.com

2. advocate for child abuse, childhood cancer and helping hurting children find their talents through the Fine Arts!

3. Bringing joy to hurting children and helping organizations for their day to day needs. Funding trips, bibles, concerts and magic shows., etc.

4. Named after Little Adam Turner who loved to sing "Live Like You Were Dying" and lost his life to brain cancer, he was only six!

5. Founder is a singer/speaker/ author who began this foundation based upon being a child witness to domestic violence growing up.