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Today, you have a chance to tell your inner child some powerful advice, comments, or praise for endu

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To provide education and prevention resources for children and families of child sexual assault. FACSA Foundation raises awareness and promotes child sexual assault education and prevention through the FACSA Defense Program, NetSmartz, Good Touch/Bad Touch Program, and Kid's Safe ID Kit's; and more great programs will be introduced this fall. By coming togeher as FACSAinians, we will change the social stigma of child sexual assault, public opinion of this mult-generational epidemic, and the pedophile laws. We thank you for your support and look forward to changing the lives of sexually assaulted children and their families, together. Connie Lee FACSA Founder/President PO Box 832 Springhill, La. 71075 (318) 539-2571 [email protected] STAND TOGETHER AS FACSAINIANS TO FIGHT AGAINST CHILD SEXUAL ASAULT

We are touring the country, gathering survivors stories from across the nation, we would like to ask all facebook friends, and friends of friends, to add their answers to the documentary question, which will be included in the documentary for the Holocaust of Innocence Tour and Documentary Project at You can send additional comments to [email protected]
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