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Although it is now occupied by the most powerful global force, Kosovo will always be called the cradle of Serbian land and Serbianhood and Orthodoxy in the Balkans.
At 10,887 square kilometers area is more sacred to reflect the presence of Orthodox Christianity in this region, from the time when many of today's major powers that participated in the expulsion of Serbs, are not there.
Kosovo is Serbian land where wars are waged for centuries and have always been big on it like the world today the U.S. military in Kosovo, which wants to realize its political goal.

1. Over 2000 Serbs in Kosovo are missing!

2. Over 1500 Serbs in Kosovo are killed or kidnaped!

3. Battle for Kosovo 1389.

4. Serbia - land of a living past!

5. If I forget you Kosovo,my Jerusalem,let my right arm be forgotten!