To educate the public on the ways to prevent child sexual molestation

Protect Children Inc is a non-profit organization based in Brandon, Florida. They provide free education and awareness seminars to the public. They also distribute free guidelines through e-mail and regular mail that educate kids and parents on the ways to protect their children from child molesters and much more please visit their website for more information. They are currently running dangerously low on sustaining costs do to a lack of donations and may have to dissolve. Please consider helping support them today. http://www.aretheysafe.org

1. 90% of children are molested by someone they already know

2. 88% of child molestation cases go intially unreported

3. There are over 10 different threats and tricks that child molesters use to trap children

4. With the proper spread of education and awareness child molestation can be prevented

5. http://www.aretheysafe.org