Hello, I just wanted to send you all an update on the goings on with the Davey Benefit, which will hopefully take place after the holidays. The past few months have been an emotional time for the entire Davey family, and Monday in court the man who was at…Read More

Benefit Postponed

At the request of the Davey family, they would like to postpone any benefit at this time. I thank all of your for your amazing outpouring of support for this event, and hope to still be able to make it happen when it is less difficult for the family. If you…Read More

Thank you.

Hello and thank you all for your support. Right now is a very difficult time for the family of Officer Davey, as I am sure you can imagine. I have removed his name from this for now at their request, as it is too soon and hard to see it constantly. This…Read More
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