This letter was in the local newspaper.

Person who hurt puppy acted out of cowardice This is to the person or persons who severely burned a puppy and left her for dead. We do not yet know your name. We do, however, know a lot about you. You lack a conscience. Your thrills are derived from harming…Read More

Message from Roberta - Susie's Foster mom

Susie Update: 9/7/09: I have been out of town for four days and Donna Lawrence has been staying at my house sitting with Susie. She has called me a lot with updates. She is in love. I knew that would happen. She said that Susie started barking yesterday.…Read More

Thanks to everyone

Thank you for joining Susie's cause. Our numbers are growing so big, that I haven't had a chance to thank everyone for joining. We are up to 61 members now and have raised $110 for Susie's medical care. Thanks to Terry Henderson and Amy Gibson for their…Read More

Baking for Susie

Yesterday and today I began baking to raise funds for Susie's medical care. I have 16 dozen cookies, 20 sausage biscuits, and 30 blueberry and banana nut muffins. I'm taking them to work in hopes that people will be hungry and want to help a good cause. My…Read More

Let's raise awareness for Susie (Ember)

Thanks to everyone who has joined the cause. Please invite all your friends to join. Let's get everyone praying for this little angel's full and speedy recovery!! Thanks! Judy
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