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"What's going on with GYB?"

I've been asked that question numerous times over the last year. As many of you may have noticed, we have been somewhat silent with our online communications. No tweets or Facebook posts. We've been virtually invisible. But while our communication has been quiet, our work has continued.

Over the last couple of years, we have provided school uniforms to thousands of children across Kenya and Haiti. These children were given brand new school uniforms made by people right within their own communities, and, along with a uniform, each child was given a fresh chance for a brighter tomorrow.

We are so very proud of what we have been able to accomplish with your help so far, but we're even more excited to share with you where we are headed in the years to come. 

Since the inception of our organization, we knew that we wanted to create the largest sustainable impact as possible to international education. From our understanding of the educational hurdles millions of children face, our first step was to create a uniform program. It seemed simple enough. Kids couldn't attend school without school uniforms, so we developed a solution to help change that. But it was never our intention to stop at school uniforms.

We're now 4 years old as an organization, and we are proud to announce our newest endeavor to run alongside of our uniform program: WE HAVE STARTED BUILDING SCHOOLS.

Our first primary school will be located in Choma, Zambia, and as you can see from the photo, we have already laid the foundation.

As with many countries in sub-Saharan African, educational opportunities in Zambia aren’t always easily accessible to children, and schools may not possess necessary resources to provide thorough academic training. HIV/AIDS only complicates educational options. The need for proper early education is imperative and more important than ever.

This new school is going to cost us $125,000 USD, but the great news is that we have already raised about 75% of the money needed.

We need your help to raise the remaining $30,000 USD to complete this school. In the same way that each of you have purchased shirts from us to provide school uniforms, would you consider buying a brick to help us build this school?


Together we will continue to do amazing things!

-Will Hill

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