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Rex update

Today was Rex's first day on his own at home while I went to work. As expected, he had to pee during the day but I was fairly amazed to learn that he went from his bed in front of the couch and dragged himself all the way around the couch and made it halfway to his doggy door before he couldn't hold it any more. And early this morning when he had to go, I lifted him up by his chest, he made a beeline for his dog door, I didn't even have to hold his rear end up. He was trying so hard to walk and get outside to pee.

Anyway this is how it was when I got home from work. He's just so happy to be home, and happy when he can be near me and cuddle with me. He's so close to being able to stand up when he really tries, I think over the next month we'll see some improvement with his continued therapy.

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