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Update on May 28, 2013

for the lack of updates, wasn't able to see Rex this weekend and they
were closed yesterday, and I was swamped at work today (thanks 3 day
weekend), but I just got a call from one of Rex's doctors. They believe
all his functions are within normal range now, in terms of kidneys and
infections. He is still getting stronger and now they tell me he can
move himself around and crawl out of his hotel suite whenever he wants
to. So as of our discussion today, I'm planning on taking Rex
home this coming Saturday. That will give him a few more days of
intensive therapy, more time to clear up his infection and time for them
to remove his U-catheter and observe him. That will give me the weekend
to observe him at home to see what issues crop up, but if he's able to
move around a little bit, turn himself over and pee on his own, then
he'll be okay at home while I'm at work, which means he can stay home
and won't have to go back to the vet specialist. He'll still go
back periodically for therapy but they believe that he's at the point
where he can continue his recovery at home. I'm hoping he continues to
improve through the week and gets even better by Saturday.

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