Light Up The Sky 2010

This page has been set up for those affected by the separation of their family and due to outside influences will be missing their children this Christmas! December 24th at 22:00 in the UK lanterns will be lit and released into the skies across the UK and…Read More

Hunger Strike!

I am now on day 13 of my hunger strike in protest of the CAFCASS handling of this case. More details can be found on my blog. There is also an online petition up and running which has been previously posted…Read More


Dawn Bishop of CAFCASS (Plymouth) should be suspended at the very least. She has spoken about my personal case to people not directly connected to it. She has made a false report and presented it to court. She has LIED on a number of occasions and falsely…Read More

Thank You!

Having only set this cause up in the past few days I am amazed by the amount of you have joined. I know some of you know my personal story, but just as when I found out I was not alone in feeling heartbreak at losing a child 4 years ago, again I find I am not…Read More

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