Reminder to vote this Tuesday

Just a reminder to vote this Tuesday, October 5th. This is your chance to put limits on the borough wood burning ordinance and prevent the FNSB from establishing Alaska's first wood burning police force. A yes vote on proposition A will allow the borough to…Read More

North Star Landowners to Promote Ballot Initiative

The North Star Landowners group is raising funds to promote the ballot initiative that will preserve your right to heat your home the way you choose. With more regulations pending and wood cops hitting the streets this fall, this is a chance to stop the FNSB…Read More

Wood Burning Ordinace up for Vote Thursday Night!

The wood burning ordinance will be up for a vote this Thursday evening. The mayor has stated that he has made concessions, but the $500 fines and wood cops are still a main part of the ordinance. Should the coldest city with the highest energy prices have…Read More

Wood Burning Town Hall Meeting Tonight

The Fairbanks North Star Borough has scheduled two town hall meetings on wood burning in response to the enormous opposition to Mayor Hopkins ordinance to fund wood cops and impose up to $1,000 fines for heating your home. Tuesday, April 13th from 5:00 -…Read More

Pollution Control Commission Meeting - Tuesday, March 9th

The FNSB Pollution Control Commission will be taking public comments on the borough's PM 2.5 air quality ordinance. This is a chance to ask questions to the air quality department and to encourage the PCC to once again recommend voluntary measures over $1,000…Read More

Wood Burning Ordinance is Back

As most of you know Mayor Hopkins has reintroduced a wood burning ordinance nearly identical to the one we saw last fall. This Thursday at 6PM will be the first chance for the public to tell our elected officials what we think about wood cops and $1,000…Read More

Mayor Hopkins Introduces First Wood Burning Ordinance

Justin Powell just posted a pdf to your cause, Stop the FNSB from banning wood stoves ( Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins will be introducing an ordinance this Thursday that will use $317,300 dollars of federal…Read More
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