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America’s Fish Basket Threatened

Bristol Bay is an economic engine for Alaska. The bay--referred to as America’s Fish Basket ( home to a fishing industry that produces almost 40% of the wild-caught seafood eaten in the U.S., including salmon and halibut.

The Value of Bristol Bay
With good tasting fish come a plethora of jobs. The Bristol Bay fishing industry creates more than 12,000 jobs for fishermen and processors, and the annual value of Bristol Bay’s fisheries reaches almost $5.4 billion dollars. This figure would be even higher if we could put a dollar value on the other benefits of the bay, including biodiversity, recreation, scenic amenities and social and cultural significance.

Even without these benefits factored in, the value of the bay’s fisheries over 40 years ($216 billion) far exceeds the U.S. government’s estimated value of oil and gas development in the region over the same time period ($7.7 billion), as noted in the study.

Threats to the Bay
Given the importance of Bristol Bay, WWF and its partners seek to protect the bay from such threats as:
• climate change
• mining
• oil and gas development

Learn more about how you can help us protect Bristol Bay from oil and gas drilling: (

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