Stop paying hundred's of dollar's to your cell company when you have help!

We are doing free quotes on cell services. if you would like to save money on your bill e-mail me at [email protected] we are powered by By VERIZON & AT&T NETWORK T-MOBILE, SPRINT, BOOST & VIRGIN MOBILE. All are plans are Unlimited Voice and…Read More

Congratulations and thanks to all we now have 12 phone turn-in

We now have 12 Tree Planted. We are doing very good. 12 phone that didn't make it to the landfill. Once Again that all of you for your help!

Why Recycle Cell Phones?

It's dangerous to dispose of personal electronics in the garbage; but keeping them in storage forever isn't useful either. Instead of hoarding unused electronics devices in a drawer somewhere, Wirefly and Simplexity encourage you to recycle or donate your…Read More

Cell Phones in Landfills: The Environmental Damage

Upward of one hundred million cell phones are replaced each year. Some of those end up in landfills because their owners aren't aware that electronics contain metals and other materials that can be hazardous to the environment if not disposed of…Read More

We done it our first phone turn-in

We have are First tree planted from our first turn-in Phone Alcatel OT-C701 Tree Planted Thanks now let get a 1000 tree planted We can do this! gofreegogreen Trade-Ins allows you to give to charity and help the environment at the same time! Feels good,…Read More

Reduce, Re-use, Repair and Recycle

Throwing things away is a waste of the energy and the resources taken to make the product. Reducing the number of things that need to be thrown away, reduces the amount of materials which have to be quarried and mined. Reduce, Re-use, Repair and…Read More

Ready Let's Go! My goal is 1000 trees from are facebook family!

Thank All of you for caring about our world GofreeGogreenTrade-Ins Lets You Donate Your Old Phones Go to the link below to get started with your donate 3 Easy Steps 1. Look up your cell phone or iPod 2. Print…Read More
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