Support of children and families living with HIV and AIDS in South Africa

HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust is providing services in the fields of HIV and AIDS since 2001. We are - partnernded with the local authorities and the University of Stellenbosch (Health Sciences) - active in the fields of treatment, prevention, work with sangomas, extensive outreach in township communities, academic work with several universities - a bridge between academic research and grassroot projects in the Western Cape. We make a difference in the life of thousands of children & parents, giving them hope and future. Visit our website www.hopecapetown.com for more information.

1. http://www.hopecapetown.com

2. we are active in treatment, prevention, giving access to information for all living with the virus

3. we support grassroot projects in townships

4. we work with sangomas and traditional healers as important leaders in the communities

5. we offer an elective student programme for medical students from overseas

Donation Account in South Africa
HOPE Cape Town Trust
Standard Bank
Cape Town Branch
Branch Code: 02 000 900
Account #: 07-027-452-5