4th of July Address by Presidential Candidate Bruce Cain

Consider this my brief "4th of July State of the Union Address" . . . Note: Had to edit to stay within 4096 characters So let me give you some "truth" that is being hidden, in plain sight from the American People (except on the Internet): * Germany has now…Read More

Why Bruce Cain is not being allowed to speak at 2012 Hash Bash

Bruce Cain for President to Legalize Marijuana

Bruce Cain for President to Legalize Marijuana https://www.facebook.com/groups/334562013224711/#!/groups/334562013224711/ I don't really think I will be sitting in the Oval Office in 2013. But it is simply wrong that now, with over 50% of the American People…Read More

New Petition on Marijuana for Obama -- Please sign and distribute widely.

Please sign and distribute this petition to Obama widely. We have till November 1st to gather 25,000 signatures after which we are granted a responce from the Obama Administration. We must peacefully rise up with this petition as he is trying to deny our…Read More

Please sign the petition to Impeach President Obama before he really screws things up even worse than present.

Petition to Impeach President Obama http://www.change.org/petitions/petition-to-impeach-president-obama Obama is trying to cut back on all entitlements (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security), is a Traitor and now deems that Marijuana has no Medical Value…Read More

Petition to Impeach President Obama

Since Obama has come into office he has completely reversed himself on his pledge to stop arresting Cannabis Consumers. Worse yet he has actually escalated the War on Cannabis Consumers. In short it is time for impeachment. Please sign the…Read More

I'll be Speaking in Detroit at 7 PM this Saturday (03/26/2011)

I have not done a lot of writing since our team help defeat Prop19 in November 2010. But I've got a very aggressive agenda for 2011 and will be outlining that this Saturday. Here is a link to the…Read More
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