Back to Monastery in tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh has been ejected by force. Please help.

How to help Bat Nha brothers and sisters seeking refuge

Dear Friends,
The brothers and sisters who had to leave Bat Nha Monastery are now seeking refuge.
Please consider helping. If you can, please send a donation (personal check or credit card is OK too)to Deer Park Monastery Attention Sr Dang Nghiem and Huong Nghiem. We are preparing to find a safe refuge to welcome 50 monastics to the US and 70to France. 10 to Australia and 180 in Thailand
2499 Melru Lane CA 92026 Escondido California, e mail : [email protected] or [email protected] Each ticket for a monk or a nun to go to Thailand is 200 dollars, each ticket to go to US or France 600 US

preparation for long stay R1 visa : 320 +other erxpenses = around 650 dollars. Any amount you can give
is greatly appreciated


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