Join Collective Conscience in Action

In 2012, Join Collective Conscience in Action: SUSTAIN World Can’t Wait Sign up at: World Can't Wait…Read More

The World Needs World Can't Wait and We Need You

A special end-of-year message from Debra Sweet & Candace Gorman, Attorney for Guantánamo Prisoners and member of the Advisory Board of War Criminals Watch: We are reflecting on a year marked by the breaking open of beautiful waves of resistance to…Read More

CLOSE GUANTANAMO: Jan. 11, 2012, Washington, DC

Dear friends, Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised many times during his campaign that he would close the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay within his first year in office. It is now painfully clear that the only thing that can close that camp, the…Read More

Get Youth on the Bus to Protest Torture and Indefinite Detention at Guantánamo and Bagram: 10 Years too Many

Your support is needed to enable youth to participate in protests on Jan. 11 in D.C. against torture and indefinite detention at Guantánamo and Bagram. We will form a human chain of 2,771 people representing prisoners held at these prisons. The chain will…Read More

Your Gift Will Be Doubled & So Will The Number of Youth Protesting Indefinite Detention

If you donate between now and December 27 towards the January 11 bus rides for youth and occupiers from NYC to D.C. - your impact will be doubled, up to $1,300. This is thanks to a couple of very generous matching donors. Just be sure to write in "Guantanamo…Read More

Five Days Left in $1,300 Matching Funds Challenge!

Friends, Only five days remain in our $1,300 matching funds challenge aimed at putting people in the streets of D.C. against torture and indefinite detention. Until December 27th, your donations will be doubled by matching donors! For every dollar that you…Read More

Only one full day remains in the DC protest challenge!

Only one full day remains in our $1,300 matching funds challenge. Until December 27th, your donations will be doubled by matching donors...and we are over halfway to that goal! Your donations will DIRECTLY build resistance to torture and indefinite detention…Read More
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