Back to Condemn killing of a Muslim sister in German court on wearing Hijab

Thank you for your support


My dear friends,

This event happened some time back but I ignored it like many people. And I just posted this news on my facebook profile page to show my protest.

One day I received an article from a friend of mine. He forwarded it to all of his friends. This article was in Urdu and in that article the author was protesting over Pakistani Prime Minister's speech during his recent visit to Egypt, where he didn't mention and condemn the unjust killing of this sister. And then I thought of creating this cause on 21-Aug-2009, to share that article with everyone.

Right now the cause has reached 11,548 and it is still growing.

We can not undo the unjust act but we can stop hundreds of such acts.

I thank you all for your support.



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