Raising money for a cause

AoA. I am working on converting Molana Ishaq sahab's wahdat-e-ummat book from PDF to typed text. Once it is done then i'll put it on a web site for free. I have started a GoFundMe campaign: Converting Islamic PDF book to text. Please take a look at my page…Read More

Campaign for refugees in Pakistan

Please support my new campaign: Prime Minister of Pakistan: Convert all Muslim refugees in Pakistan to full citizen - Sign the…Read More

Muslims in China must be allowed to perform fasting during Ramadan and other religious activities

Dear members, Asalam-o-alekum I have created a petition. Please sign: Muslims in China must be allowed to perform fasting during Ramadan and other religious…Read More

Combat Negative Stereotypes About Muslim Women

I support "Combat Negative Stereotypes About Muslim Women" cause. I request members to please support it. http://www.causes.com/actions/1743380-speak-up-listen-up-for-diverse-global-voices

Pass a law from UNHRC for prohibiting religious mockery

Asalam-o-alekum dear members, I have created a petition directed to UNHRC for passing an international law prohibiting religious mockery. Please sign the petition. Your support is highly…Read More

Burma's Rohingya Muslim refugees need our attention

Asalam-o-alekum friends, I came across this news that Burma's Rohingya Muslim community (which is a small minority in Burma) is facing a brutal sectarian violence from majority Buddhists and state army in some instances. And when they are trying to go to…Read More

Thank you for your support

Asalam-o-alekum My dear friends, This event happened some time back but I ignored it like many people. And I just posted this news on my facebook profile page to show my protest. One day I received an article from a friend of mine. He forwarded it to all…Read More


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