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It all started in 2008. I don’t know for what reason it did, but I stopped thinking about that question. I barely remember how it started. Lots of things happened since .
I only remember that my shoulder hurt, that I visited many doctors an that I was scared. The doctors , extremely relaxed, were telling me that I’m fine and I can go home and enjoy life, because that is what a 25 year old should do. I was never too hypochondriac, so I don’t know how or where did I find all the perseverance to keep seeing all those doctors , one after another, asking for a diagnosis.
I took their advices couple of times, but the pain didn’t care about what the doctors were saying or about my age. Without even knowing how and when, I found myself, after 6 months, in a medical clinic in Vienna, ( lucky me !, and please believe me when I say that, although I wished it wouldn’t be the case, I have enough arguments) mentally preparing myself for the following day, when I was supposed to go through a lymph node extraction surgery, because the biopsy was the only way they could confirm a lymphatic cancer diagnosis, which, they said, seemed almost a sure thing considering the symptoms and the blood test results.

It’s not a surprise anymore that in august 2008 the diagnosis was confirmed. Lymphatic cancer, (Hodgkin disease), stage IIB, Bulky.
I immediately started the standard chemotherapy treatment recommended by the hemato–oncologist in Vienna.
For my family all this was devastating. For me it was like an earthquake. There are plenty of words that can describe the feelings I had , but they all seem empty now.
Also, its not a surprise anymore that my disease proved to be outside the statistics that were saying that 90% of people with my type of disease are cured after the first line of standard treatment.
I tried almost all chemotherapy protocols that are used to cure my type of cancer, I also “served” a strong dose of radiation therapy. Another lymph node biopsy. I tried also to “enjoy” a marrow absorption from the hip bone.
Considering all this, my disease, even if it did respond to chemotherapy for a while, got stubborn and decided to show me who’s the boss. And it managed to transform me from the perfect candidate of a complete remission through standard treatment into a perfect candidate for an autologous stem cell transplant .
But, although I wouldn’t imagine that, taking into consideration the fact that I was a spoiled kid, I realized that I can be stubborn too. And I also realized the fact that I can be stronger,...
I decided to finish this battle as a winner. And to be patient, if that’s required too. And to refuse to let anyone or anything stop me. I’ve always had goals to reach but none of them was so important like this one. So I decided to win …for me, for the loved ones, or just in order to beat the statistics…
...I think that what happened in August last year was like a true miracle. Solidarity, compassion, care and help – all of these granted unconditionally to me - a complete stranger to most of them. This experience changed my personal values and my way of thinking forever. In the best way possible. I don’t want to exaggerate, but I think I was given life and friends...
I have one more step to take. A big step. A transplant. An experimental one. Experimental because they didn’t manage to find me a matching donor and they are forced to use umbilical cord stem cells as an alternative option. A transplant that is harder to bear, riskier, and more invasive than the previous one. But its my last chance against the disease. It’s my last card to play. My life is at stake .

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