Next Meeting

The next meeting for this cause will be at the Somesville Fire Station on Wednesday the 7th at 6:00. I have invited people from the hospital, the YMCA, Jax Lab, fire and police departments etc... Last week I had a meeting with Gerry Keenan an emergency room…Read More

First meeting of the minds Next Sunday the 13th of Sept.

Just talked to 1 school board member that thinks it will be an uphill battle to get the program into the school:(A bit discouraging. Then spoke to Town Council Member and Police Dept. and the PD is almost 100% behind us. We need all the community backing we…Read More

Meeting next Sunday?

Wondering if anyone would attend a group meeting to discuss a plan of action regarding this cause. I thought that maybe a Sat/Sun might work best for everyone. Would like to get a diverse group/young adults etc. Please respond if you or people you know would…Read More

Thanks for joining this cause

It is so unfortunate when these types of accidents occur. I know first hand what a family goes through during these times. Peter and his family are revisited with the nightmares of Blaine's accident everytime an accident like this happens. Family members…Read More
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