I've entered a photo contest and I need your help!

Good Morning, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! Some of you may remember a few months back how you all graciously helped me to win a "Picture of the Week" contest by voting for my shark photo? I won that contest and a new dive light as a result of your help. Thank…Read More

Boycotting Restaurants That Serve Shark Fin Soup In Your Area!

It's time to put our passion to end shark finning to good use by helping to curb demand for it. We've been in educating mode for some time through multi-media pushes initiated by Rob Stewart, Shark Angels, Sea Shepherd, and others. Now it's time to take local…Read More


Since the inception of this cause on August 19, 2009, 85 people have been attracted to join it. This is a phenomenal pace and thanks to many of you for not only agreeing to be a part of it but for recruiting your friends and family so passionately. It's…Read More
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