Teach about pet adoption and saving lives as opposed to purchasing from a pet store or breeder.

Millions of cats and dogs are euthanized annualy in shelters across the country. Most of these animals would make the perfect family pet, and did you know that 25% of these animals are purebreeds?

Most local pet stores that sell dogs are supplied puppies by local puppymills. To find out more about puppymills please visit: www.prisonersofgreed.org

These dogs are not only outrageously priced, but they usually have terrible health problems that will surface later in their life as a result of inbreeding in the puppy mills that they have originated.

Local dog breeders are sometimes better, they will (usually) breed their dogs after they have found owners for the expected puppies, but why bring more dogs in the world when you can save a dog from a local shelter that has less than a week to be adopted?

Most dogs from the shelters aren't purebreeds, but most non-purebreed dogs live longer than dogs with an AKC pedigree because they have better gene pools. If you are set on a purebreed, check out breed specific rescue programs. If you are looking for a certain cat breed, there are specific cat breed rescues as well.

www.petfinder.com is a good place to start with the search along with visiting your local shelter. The animals on petfiner are either in shelters or foster homes.

Useful Websites and things to check out:
1.www.dogsindanger.com - shows adoptable dogs in your area that are close to being euthanised. Visit this site and rescue one today!
2. www.nopuppymills.com - Information *and* message forum
3. www.petshoppuppies.com - Provides free USDA breeder reports on pet shop puppies that have already been purchased.
4. www.zazzle.com/deenis* - Check out this store to purchase anti-puppymill products. All profits go to several anti-puppymill organizations.

1. We must educate people about puppymills.

2. Boycott local petstores and don't support puppymills by purchasing their dogs.

3. Before finding a private breeder, check out breed-specific rescue programs.

4. If the above isn't something you're interested in, check out your local kill shelter, and also humane societys. Pets placed in humane societys usually will stay there until adopted- animals at kill shelters have less than a week to be adopted.

5. Spread the word!